Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cincinnati - at least it's not Cleveland

I'm in Cincinnati for work and it's not all that bad. There have been lots of trips to Cincinnati for Marquette games in the past. Cabbie's here are crazy though, our guy was going 90mph on random 2 lane highways and he didn't even really know where he was going. Also, who's run a red light in Cinci? I know I have. They have these weird mid-block street lights for crosswalks in the downtown area and I can't even count how many times those lights have been run by either me or my friends because we aren't used to lights in the mid-block. I'm surprised we never hit anybody actually.

Traveling doesn't really affect me all that much but as I get older I have decided that time zones suck. It's harder to get a hold of people when you live on the west coast and when I do travel it's just a pain to have a 5 hour flight and a 3 hour time change. Hawaii is two hours behind the Pacific time zone so Sunday football starts at 7AM. That would be hard to handle.

American education is scary or people don't listen. At dinner the waitress was asked what she had for "local" beers. After reading off Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, etc she managed to spit out a local micro. She either doesn't know anything about beer (our education system needs work!) or didn't listen to the question. We were eating at Applebee's because it was close and we didn't have car so I don't know why I'm surprised. Applebee's did change their menu around a bunch You get to mix and match your own appetizer selection and turn it into a meal. Why don't more places do something like this? I had Sliders, Wings, and Quesadillas. I could feel my arteries hardening and it was worth it. Applebee's actually had decent food last night.

My beer was a micro after we got through the locals of Bud and Bud Light, it was an Eliot Ness from the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland. I guess Cleveland does have somethings worth mentioning afterall. seems to be better than beer advocate so I've switched to there rankings. The Widmer from yesterday was rated in the 36th percentile which is slightly below average while this Eliot Ness is in the 90th percentile. Eliot Ness is a pretty good beer, by example a Bud Light is 0% percentile. I think these rankings are pretty biased against cheap, macro, commercial beers because Burger is rated pretty high and it was not that great of a beer and it certainly wasn't that much worse than a Miller Lite. In fact, Stu preferred Natural Light over Burger Light while we were in college.

I'm watching a commercial on the Discovery Channel called When We Left Earth and it looks Amazing. I might have to buy a new TV just so I can watch this show in HD. One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13 so this is right up my alley. Watch this show!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Blisters are assholes.

How cool is this? I can't remember what I did because I took 2 extra days off.

I know I saw Indiana Jones on Thursday and I was unimpressed. The X-Files factor was off the charts and while I'm OK (why does OK have to be capitalized?) with sci-fi it doesn't belong in an Indiana Jones film for my money. I must be in the minority since most reviews have been positive but I can't recommend it. My 2nd cousin once removed (if only my mom gets that I'm fine with it - genealogy rocks) moved downtown for the summer with her roommate and ended up choosing a place only a few blocks from me. We ate a ton of sushi and watched random TV on Thursday night.

I don't know what I did Friday or Saturday really. Oh yeah, I went to a folklife festival at Seattle Center, I'm not sure it was worth the 1/8 mile walk. The food would have been pretty good had I not eaten immediately before I went over there. The music was ethnic based or hippie based, it was either native Asian complete with dancers or bongo's and stoners. Nothing wrong with the ethnic based stuff but I wasn't in the mood for that. The shooting a few hundred feet away from me kind of ruined the mood too. I was amused by the blatant stonerism going on though. A girl in her early 20's was selling hemp based goods and the sign read for "cash or 'broccoli soup' aka Mary Jane". Not as blatant as Hempfest but it was pretty close.

Kayaking is a bitch of a workout. You go out on the water and use only your upper body to move a 16ft long kayak through choppy water. It's awesome and a freaking killer at the same time. My arms, shoulders, back, and abs are all hurting. The blisters on my hands are assholes too. I have added a kayak to my list of things to buy after a condo.

Things to buy - in order of likelihood.

New Shoes 100%
Camping Gear 100% (soon)
Permanent Domicile 100% (<12 months I hope) (Jay when the symbol is turned this way < it means "less than")
A Roadbike 70% (soonish)
Grad School (odds unknown)
Whitewater rafting equipment and/or Kayak gear (probable)
A Sailboat (someday)
A Powerboat (someday)
A Cabin in the woods. (I can dream)

The time line is pretty open ended after I get new shoes.

Here is a picture of the Olympics from Golden Gardens. We had a pitfire a few weeks ago and it was awesome to watch the sun go down over the mountains. I can't stress how cool mountains are.

Some college aged kid apparently has some juggling experience. The focus isn't the best but here is a video of him juggling in the dark.

This video (MOM DO NOT WATCH THIS) is a holdover from my beer employee days.

All I can say is "blame Canada" and "Canadian beer is like moonshine". Seriously, can you imagine a commercial like that in the US? Blue Light is my favorite Canadian Beer.

Canadian beers in order of preference.

Blue Light
Molson Light

They must have crappy beers in Canada.

The Oregon Pirate was not elected to the Senate. Apparently the Senate does not want a short hook handed pirate in their midst.

Instead of a beer of the day I'm going with what I'm drinking. I'll try to have a unique beer/wine/soda/beverage listed here. Today I'm going with a nationally available micro based out of Oregon. It's a tasty summer beer - Widmer Hefeweizen. The website is for beer nerds.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A short pirate?

Credit goes to Reggie for the find, but the Senate campaign in Oregon is hilarious. Steve Novick (not Novak the former MU basketball player) is running for Senate as the challenger and he has some issues. Normally I would never write about politics but this doesn't really count.

Issue one - He's short.

Issue two - He has a hook hand.

If I lived in Oregon I would totally vote for a guy who knows how to open a beer that way! He totally needs to be the emcee for this event. All he needs is an eye patch. Maybe people with hook hands move to Oregon and Washington get all the eye patches. Maybe I'm seeing the same guy over again but Seattle seems to have a disproportionate amount of eye patches.

All this pirate talk makes me think of 201.

What kind of socks does a pirate prefer?


Grocery shopping a few weeks ago was insanely expensive. I've never spent so much money prior and I want to bitch about it but somehow I picked the right combo of items (things I could fry or microwave perhaps?) that I got two free movie tickets. I mean seriously what could make you happier than 2 movie tickets @ $110 each. Indiana Jones better not suck at those prices.

All this pirate talk made me think of one of my favorite t-shirts and how global warming is related to pirates.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kenny Mayne

A girl at work read my blog and feels I need to "spice it up" a little bit. I guess knowing my family reads the blog keeps it boring. Maybe I'll start a different blog that is geared for a different audience where I get a little crude or something. Then again this girl is absolutely mortified that people knows she reads Sci-Fi / Fantasy. I'll come up with something.

Kenny Mayne was at work today on a book tour. His new book An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport:... and Other Random Thoughts from Childhood to Fatherhood came out recently and if you get a chance to see him go for it. He is hilarious, random, and personable. They were giving away signed copies and I got one so that's a victory in itself.

My brother graduated from College on Saturday. Sorry I couldn't be there to see you walk across the stage or whatever USD does. My graduation day is pretty blurry, Mom you should stop reading now but I was pretty hung over and possibly still drunk for my ceremony. I remember drinking lots of Vodka Cranberries the night before, falling out bed trying to hit the alarm button, having the girl next to me during the ceremony ask if I was still drunk, (I don't think so?) and trying to stop my head from pounding. Owen, I hope you were in better shape than I was.

Maybe I'll approach my blog a little more like Rachel. That would spice it up a little.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baseball Fever

Last night was the first baseball game of the year for me. I bought tickets in my normal section only to find out prices went up $5 for my preferred area if I buy them on the day of the game. Why are day of game tickets more expensive? Seems like the would tend to discourage walk up sales like myself. I sat in my section of choice, the lower left field bleachers, and talked with Sally for a few minutes. Sally is the usher for the section and I got to know her a little bit last year after she accused my of bogarting a seat. I laughed so hard at a 76 year old grandmother using the word bogart that I had know more about her. I was disappointed to hear she was recently laid off from her job and might no longer be able to keep her job as an usher as a result.

I feel like I had a lot of things to write about on here in the last couple of days but I'm drawing a blank when the time comes. I did add another blog in the links section - Rachel is a friend from college and she writes a lot of random, funny, bizarre, and generally interesting posts. She also seems to think she wrote about How I Met Your Mother first when in fact I wrote about the show way back in September so take that! Bam!

I bought wine yeast on my way home from work tonight. I think I'm going to make the milk jug based wine again because it was fun last time and I'm kind of bored. You need sugar, yeast, water, and frozen grape juice for ingredients and a balloon, milk jug, rubber bands for equipment. How can you go wrong with home made wine anyway? Don't answer that.

Between Deadliest Catch, Indecision 2008 (the election coverage on CNN is particularly over the top), and loading CD after CD into iTunes I haven't done much productive besides blog and work today. My "little brother" from Big Brothers/Big Sisters beat me at chess today. I probably should stop giving him a head start but he's gotten much better in the couple of months we've been playing. I think I'm regressing because I'm really excited for school to get over. Maybe I'm getting tired because it's over lunch hour but I would much rather go in the mornings or after work. I'll see how I feel about this next fall when the decision for next year is made. Today's lunch was better, a fish sandwich, graham crackers, and chocolate milk. Once again the fruits and vegetables were passed over but the food appeared edible and that's a moral victory.

So I'm back to the Indiana Primaries. It's 9:49 Pacific and they still haven't called the Hoosier State. I would hate to be counting ballots at 3am but that's just me. I'm excited for this election cycle to be over but I guess I'm watching election coverage myself.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm going to start walking.

I filled up my gas tank for the first time in many weeks tonight; $48 is far too much for gas. I'm going to walk a lot in the future and maybe start taking the bus even more than I already do.

I'm watching one of the longest hockey games ever at present. It's in the 4th OT at present and is the 10th longest or something like that right now. This reminds me of the spring of 2000 during finals Renee Row #201 watched a 5OT game instead of studying. I mean who can study during 5OT hockey. The Flyers ended up winning that game as I recall on a Keith Primeau goal. It's just about 11:30 here so that means it's 1:30 in Dallas where this game is taking place. As the announcer just said "the marathon continues". Uh oh, there is a penalty now. Dallas wins! As far as I'm concerned they're still the North Stars until Mike Modano retires!

So I joined Ipod nation earlier this week. I only got a little one but I have joined the masses. I promise not to be a drone with my tiny little piece of hardware. I am excited because I hope to start really listening it music again. I've kind of been dabbling lately but having music available at all times has to help. I don't expect to spend lots on music or anything. My first online album was "Odelay" go Beck.

Game over. 11:30 and I'm going to bed.