Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

I love turkey day. I think it is my favorite holiday because is about food and watching football and being low key unlike x-mas.

Last year I didn't do much for Thanksgiving. I went out on Wednesday night with some Seattle friends and over to some other friends for the food on Thursday. I think I even went to work on Friday. In fact, I know I went to work on Friday because I left early and bought an Iphone I think and that was really it for the week.

This year, I went out with a friend on Tuesday and flew to Minnesota with my girlfriend and spent the holiday with my parents and little brother. The weekend went something like this.

Thursday - Food, Football, MU Game, nap, Racko, snacks.
Friday - Coffee, food, MU game, various sports, leftovers, Elf, Monopoly Jr.
Saturday - Coffee, food, various sports, food, and a ride to the airport.

Today, Sunday, there was more football and general relaxation with some laundry thrown into the mix. I'm tired and sleepy and I have to go to work tomorrow. Bah. I want to retire. Also, the Vikings won today and Marquette lost. I don't like it when MU loses games they should win and they should have won today. Grrr.

I don't really know what else is going on the rest of the week. Work is busy as it is the busy time of the year and my company is heavily tied into the 4th quarter and in particular the next three weeks.

The weird thing lately is my phone is being a flirt. I don't know why my phone isn't happy with me but I keep getting weird texts and a lot of phone calls from strange guys in Milwaukee trying to "pick up" my phone. What I think is happening is my phone is sneaking out some nights and going to Milwaukee and getting drinks from weird/strange guys. My phone kind of likes these guys so it says here is my number, why don't you give me a call but when they call I pick up the phone and say "wrong number." My phone is two timing me but I just wish it would stop giving out my phone number to strange men in Milwaukee.

It is also obsessed with Aerosmith, but that is a story for another day.

Yay, time for sleep soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I had to go to Dallas last Monday for work and rather than leave Sunday night and return Monday night I decided to go down a little early and spend a day with my college buddy John. I've been to Muenster 3 times now and every time it's fun a reminds me a little bit of Lisbon. I got to eat some BBQ and some cleverly named shots and just have a blast in general. I spent Sunday with my old boss from Roundy's, coincidentally also named John, and had some solid Tex Mex. I learned that 7 year old kids have a different sense of humor than adults, thanks for the surprise Smith.

I'm heading to the Cities for Thanksgiving and there should be turkey and fixings. That's all I need. I'm going to watch football (and Marquette) while gorging myself on food. Mmmmm.

This Thursday I went to a Seattle U basketball game. The Redhawks play a few blocks away and have super duper cheap seats because they are transitioning to D-1. They are going to lose a lot but I might look into getting season tickets for next year because you get a lot for your money AND people can hear you heckle because it's a huge arena that is only partially full. Hmmmmmm. Heckling!

Since I wrote a post last I think my crown story has taken place in full. 3 weeks ago I realized I had what I thought was a sharp spot on a lower moral. Being the smart person that I am I figured it was related to a recent filling on that tooth that may have fallen out or something. The dentist corrected me and said it was decay and a chunk of tooth might have been lost and I would need a crown. Great. I went back a few days later and got a crown (and temporary) and just this week I had the porcelain crown put on for what I hope is a really long time. It freaking hurt all the way around. I would recommend brushing your teeth to prevent crowns because they don't feel good. I imagine a root canal to considerably more awful so I think I'll brush a floss a lot from here on out.

The Vikings destroyed to local Seattle Seahawks today. I'm still not sure I trust Brett Favre but I'll share bandwagon duties for now.

The origin of my name has a Wikipedia entry as well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I went to the MLS (that's Major League Soccer) playoff game on Thursday and ended up sitting in the Family Section (Code named No Alcohol = No Fun). It was pretty exciting and ended in a tie. Go Sounders! Honestly, live soccer is pretty fun and way more exciting to watch than I would have ever expected. That was my 4th game of the year and it was worth the money.

Thursday was also the day I resumed my Big Brother / Big Sister (BBBS) role at a local Seattle school. The way the program is designed my "little" from last year moved onto the 6th grade and I get a new "little" this year. To refresh: I go in for about an hour worth of chatting/playing every week during the school year and generally hang out with a elementary student to provide some stability. Go kids. This years kid is hilarious and is a reason the program exists. A good kid with a weird situation who could just use somebody to talk to. School lunch is STILL awful and the teachers at the new school seem a bit sharper than last year's already.

Saturday (Halloween) I went to a party with some friends. They added us onto the party list because it had an RSVP attached to it. Unbeknownst to my friends it was a surprise wedding. We arrived to a party that had catering, photographers, magicians, and a real circus performing emcee. After some general discussion is was discovered that Frankenstein would really be marrying the Bride of Frankenstein in a relatively bizarre ritual. The Bride and Monster spent over $1000 having a professional Makeup Artist apply their makeup, apparently he was the artist on the Van Helsing monsters. I only took a few photos with my phone but they will give you the gist. It was probably the coolest wedding I ever crashed - open bar, a giant costume party, I didn't have to provide a gift since I crashed, and it was a surprise for almost everybody involved.

The Wedding Ceremony

The First Dance

The Crowd 1

The Crowd 2

Scary Jess (the Pig) and Scary Kelli (the Dark Queen)

I'm too lazy to get the formatting right so these captions correspond with the pictures in sequence.

I also have downloaded some other random photos worth posting.

The Kites from the Kite Festival in August.

Adult Toys on a desk at work. We sell these oddly enough.

I was part of a team that won a small award at work called a "Door Desk" and you get a mini desk signed by the boss man.

I'm a gnome this Halloween. It's felt, a snuggie, and some hot glue to hold things in place. Jessica is a master of hot glue.

If you ever see an Elmo like this - you should return it. It is obviously unsafe.

The Vikings also defeated the Packers today and the Brett Favre experiment is working out well so far. The season is far from over and I'm still skeptical. When we make the Super Bowl I'll change my mind.

Screw the Yankees.