Sunday, December 21, 2008

Milwaukee Trip recap and various photos

As I've mentioned before photo heavy blogs get to be a long pain in the butt if I want to format them so they look decent. I've loaded a bunch but if I can get things looking even remotely decent I'm going to call it good. A few weeks ago I went to Milwaukee to watch the MU v UW game. Marquette defeated the evil Badgers. It was a good trip. Here is a photo of me, Julie, and Jen. Yay to the girls!

After meeting up with the girls I went to Jay's place for the 1st annual 201 holiday party. The role of Andy Blanchard was played by David Screnar. Jay made dinner. He did well.

Post dinner and drinks we went for the obligatory family photo. We look classy don't we?

This is our non classy attempt where we tried to talk with our hands. The hand symbol means something naughty, try to guess what it is.

David LOVES his Natural Light. Natty Light to those in the know.

There was a little Mario Cart happening. Per Toad "I'm the Best!" That's for you Tabi. Anything you read/see here is not to be repeated...

They never tell you the Natty Light burns...

This a photo that's a few years old. The 201ers at Jay's wedding in classy B&W. We do look good.

This is the craziest bloody mary ever. Only in Wisconsin and only at Sobelmans.

At long last Jeremy Bates appears! Jon Horvath to the right.

Last weekend I went a Washington State game with a buddy here in Seattle. We were right on the floor, it was pretty cool. I've only had seats this good twice before: @ DePaul in 2000, and @UNC in 2001 I think? I have no idea anymore.

This was the first time I've seen a proposal on the floor from the 2nd row. Kind of funny.

There was a halftime show of some girl balancing plates and doing weird acrobatic things. It was too weird for me.

This needs a big explanation. We had an adult themed white elephant exchange here in Seattle. Emphasis on "adult" I ended up with Candy Underwear, Brian got a Cnady Top, and a Senior Psychology professor at UW ended up with the Incontinence wear. That couldn't have been planned out better than it worked out. I'm going to post the rest of the photo's in slideshow format. These might not be entirely safe for work AND they aren't for the faint of heart.

It started snowing here. I took this with my Iphone but it's kind of a surreal shot.

Gort little shawn blurl.

Rock Salt... I swear. This is a jackknifed articulating bus. It's still snowing here and I might get snowed in for the holidays, which would be different.

All the photo's from the Milwaukee Trip.

All the photo's from the Washington St. game.

And finally,

The best Christmas Song ever... it's very 201.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"He's got a board, with a nail in it!"

That is a line from an early Simpsons Halloween episode - Treehouse of Terror III to be exact - it is exceptionally appropriate today. I am not an inventor really, I can improve process and figure out how things work but to invent things is hard since my brain isn't wired that way.

Today I had my invention idea that I'm going to sell to the city of Seattle. Rock Salt and some sort of device to "spread it around" would be an amazing thing. I read the city of Seattle has a grand total of 30 snow plows (I don't know if they go out when it snows however) and the city pretty much has to fend for itself as there is no way 30 plows can keep up with any sort of snowfall in a city this size.

Because the plows can't keep up with any snow it accumulates, and when it's wet, like today, it compacts and starts turning into ice. Here is where my rock salt spreading device would be amazing! Rock salt melts snow and ice!! 2 inches of snow doesn't need to be the storm of the century! In the suburbs there is legit snow falling and up in the mountains I'm sure it's crazy. Those places are exempted from my rock salt spreading device. I think they have fascinating pieces of machinery to move snow around!!

All sarcasm aside. It's dangerous outside because people are driving on roads that are 100% iced over because they haven't been cleared. Kind of crazy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Counts as a post.

I couldn't get motivated to load all the photo's from Milwaukee so this is a half hearted attempt to mollify Jay "you need to post more often" Lackey. Look up what mollify means Jay.

There will be some classic photo's from the adult themed white elephant party. People with much better camera's than me were taking pictures so they'll be posted on here before to long.

I had lots of funny things I was going to write about this week but I've forgotten them, whatever they were. Maybe I should look into mobile blogging with my new phone or possibly getting a moleskin notebook so I can take notes about blog ideas. Effort for posting is the key.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick Update

I've got to recap the trip to Milwaukee soon and I have a white elephant party coming this weekend with rules like, "no live animals... and and naughty toys are allowed." This certainly promises to be an interesting event.

Seattle is also going to get hit by a serious winter storm this weekend. Per the news.

"Meteorologists say the Puget Sound area may wake on Monday to bone-chilling temperatures around 20 degrees with highs that day in the upper 20s to low 30s."

I can't help but laugh at references to "bone-chilling temps around 20 degrees". It -8 in Fargo the other day and Milwaukee is getting hit with snow all the time. I'm going to go stock up on frozen pizza since the apocalypse is about to begin. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to update the blog this weekend when the 3 inches of snow has me trapped in my apt.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It came in the mail

I'm pretty sure my buddy Ron decided to sign me up for a catalog based on a recent conversation. When I got home today I found a Rock River Arms gun catalog in my mailbox. Seattle is a pretty peaceful town when compared to Milwaukee or Chicago and my part of town is pretty safe at that. I don't think I'll need a semi-auto LAR Rifle anytime soon but if I do I have the July 2008 retail catalog at my fingertips.

Why is are there so many random good movies on right now? Kelly's Heroes, The Godfather, Elf, A Christmas Story, Various Rocky's, Rush Hour 3, and... wait Rush Hour 3 sucks. I'm sure they get ratings or else they wouldn't keep getting aired but there must not be much in the way of good shows because most of these movies are 20 years old.

I leave for Milwaukee in a little over 36 hours. Go Marquette! Wisconsin is evil and must be destroyed!