Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunny Days in Seattle

I didn't want to write about it for fear of Jinxing it but the entire week has been very sunny in Seattle. I think the always rainy / cloudy thing about Seattle might be one of the greatest myths around today. It might be a little more gray or rainy than the Midwest but you'll get no complaints from me since we just had a cold snap of 27 degrees. I might have grown up in parts of the world with pretty extreme cold and I'm sure I could do it again but it would take some getting used to.

There has been a significant drop off in the amount of posts since the free wireless went away so I'm looking into options to have the internet again. This is sort of a pain without it. I'm debating getting a broadband card instead of a standard wireless router that way I can take the internet with me instead of being tethered to my apartment.

The Post Holiday party is this weekend at the EMP, which stands for Experience Music Project. It's sort of a combination of a museum or Rock and Roll history and an interactive exhibition center. Seattle had strong impacts on Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, and various others so there is a fair amount of history plus there are 5 or 6 billionaires around to contribute money to the interactive part so it should be pretty fun. Free drinks and encouragement to dress up as "stormtroopers, Borg, or your favorite Battlestar Galactica character" should also add to the evenings ambiance. MU plays earlier in the day so it should be a fun day.

Monday means a flight to Kentucky. I like Louisville on Monday night so it should be a good time even if it is for work. The dry county part doesn't sound too exciting and I've been told there is a wide variety of bible study shows on public access cable so I'm excited by that prospect. I need to get up to speed on Job...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Marquette - Notre Dame

That's right. The big game this weekend isn't the Seahawks - Packer game, which would be obvious since I live in Seattle and recently moved from Milwaukee, it's actually the Marquette - Notre Dame basketball game that's on a few hours earlier. I'll be watching at a sports bar or something but we need to crush the Domers.

View Larger Map That's what the middle of Kentucky looks like. I'm headed there for work at the end of the month. It's a dry county and it probably won't be any fun but duty calls I guess.

I feel like a Morlock. That's a fairly obscure literary reference for people to look up although the opposite equivalent is a Eloi if that helps. Anyway, the sun has been out for a hours now which hasn't happened in a while. The sun shines more than I thought it would in the winter but this prolonged exposure is blinding. I'll take the mostly cloudy 40's over then -20's and partly cloudy any day. I don't even consider the weather here to be winter right now because it would be an insult to the winters I knew growing up.

Off to research wireless internet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More issues with free wireless...

But I found out I'm going to Kentucky at the end of the month... not a decent part either but the middle of nowhere in a dry county. Sigh.

These things happen for a reason right.