Friday, March 28, 2008


It's snowing in Seattle!

Ooooh, the humanity... It's times like this I'm glad I walk to and from work because traffic will be nightmarish during the evening commute.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Post

I ate at the Steelhead Diner tonight. It was a great experience and this place is going into the rotation of my favorite places in Seattle. I sat at the kitchen counter which was very excellent because you were watching the chefs at work and they gave out free stuff. I got a fried oyster and some sort of Salmon / bruschetta like thing. Highly recommended.

When I got home my glasses broke. That sucked. So I guess I'm going to an eye doctor tomorrow for lunch... I had those glasses for 3+ years and they were pretty flimsy so I guess maybe their time was up. I'm wearing my "old" glasses right now and I think the prescription is almost exactly the same but they don't fit my face the same. I think I'll wear my contacts tomorrow because these would drive me nuts except for emergencies like tonight.

Monday, March 24, 2008

One Year

I've lived in Seattle exactly one year. Last year I got back from Ireland on St. Pats, worked at Roundy's for 2 days, packed and did laundry for one day, moved to Seattle on the 22nd, and I started work on the 26th. I'm not sure if time flew by or went slow but it's been an eventful year. I've flown more in the last 15 months that I probably did in the 5 years prior to moving, I've done more hiking than ever before, learned what a bumbershoot is, and most importantly figured out who some of my best friends are - so thanks and you know who you are. I've made some good friends out here and I'm working on a few more. Challenging times indeed.

According to Easter is on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full more that is on or after the Vernal Equinox. Meaning this is about the earliest Easter possible and it feels super early compared to last year. Early Easter does mean my parents anniversary is coming soon, 34 years or something crazy like that. I spend Saturday watching the Marquette vs. Stanford game (MU lost a great game in overtime) and then went out in the Ballard neighborhood with my friends. Sunday I brought a ham and store bought pumpkin pie over to Brandon and Lisa's and they did the potatoes and veggies. Our own Easter tradition I guess.

When I was flying from Phoenix to Las Vegas last week I did a Sudoku puzzle in the back of the airplane magazine and now I'm hooked. I bought a book in the airport on the way home and I now I'm solving a couple of the "easy" puzzles a day. This might be a phase but right now I'm hooked.

I'm watching Dancing with the Stars to see what could possibly have hooked my mother and I still have no idea.

Where to go on vacation this fall, Western Europe, Asia, or Eastern Europe. Or save money to buy a boring place to live. Decisions, Decisions.

Oh yeah - the even news is leading with it's "cold" tonight. Cold = 34 degrees.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What happens in Phoenix... stays in Phoenix??

So once again it's been a few days I since I posted last. Blame this one more on Marquette games last week and travel over the weekend. I watched a few MU Big East tourney games last week and I left for the bachelor party on Friday night. Friday afternoon I left work a little early to head to Phoenix, for a few days of sun and baseball. My friends David and Mike are getting married in April and June respectively and since the friends are a similar group it was decided to combine the forces of evil and have a larger destination bachelor party instead of two smaller ones, which was nice for me, one party means less travel expense for me.

Anyway, landed in Phoenix, drank some beers, blankity blankity blank blank, and watched some spring training baseball games. It was good times and we learned that Phoenix has weird mounds/hills all over the place, it was very strange. I got an appropriate amount of sun, meaning that I didn't burn the crap out of myself, which if you've ever met me that's a pretty amazing fact. I burn under a fluorescent light if I'm not wearing sunscreen. Anyway, spring training was great and I would love to do it again but what happens in Phoenix stays in Phoenix. FYI, blankity blank sounds funny and does not actually signify anything special.

On Monday, I got and went to Vegas for a days of work. I went to an industry trade show and worked from my hotel room. I wish I did something more exciting but I was tired from Phoenix. I did some gambling and betting in a sports book to kill some time before I flew home. It doesn't really matter if you gamble or not it's really hard not to have a good time in Vegas, it's almost like a drug with all the lights, noise, and general activity. I landed at 11am and it was almost like I instantly went from tired and sleepy to wide awake and happy. Stayed at Caesars Palace and enjoyed my free upgrade room. Back to work now I guess.

Tomorrow is Marquette vs. Kentucky at 11:30 or so. I'm going to leave work and take an extra long "lunch" while I go watch the game. Kentucky is evil and must be destroyed! That leads into the weekend; this weekend Easter and I'm making a Easter feast with my friends Brandon and Lisa. I'm doing the Ham, the Pumpkin pie (and maybe an apple pie too), and the mushrooms my mom makes. I don't even like mushrooms but apparently they're really good. Yes, I'm aware that our feast seems eclectic but we're ok with that because it's just the 3 of us and we like random foods. I'm thinking a port wine, jelly, brown sugar combo for the ham glaze.

First day of spring on the 20th and my mom has a birthday. She turns blankity blank tomorrow.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things I've Done...

Since my last post Feb 28th are pretty crazy.

It must because it was a leap year because it wasn't a full moon. On Friday February 29th, Leap Day, I was talking with my friend David about some random stuff on the way to work and nothing out of the ordinary came up. When I got to work it was a standard day for a couple of hours when Leap Day fever struck. I started thinking about the upcoming Marquette game on Saturday and how I missed going to games. One thing lead to another and on Friday at 11:45 I used airline miles to get a ticket to Milwaukee. I left work at 12:15, packed a backpack (not even a bag), went to the airport at 2pm, flew to Milwaukee on my 3:15 flight. I got to Milwaukee at 11:30pm central time.

Marquette ended up losing one of the best games I've attended. A great game will be remembered whether MU wins or loses and now I remember 4 MU games and one UWM game. The rest of the weekend is kind of a blur. With so little time to prepare I didn't really get a chance to plan everything out but I saw a lot of people and had a great time in the few days I was there. I got to see a lot of friends and some former co-workers and I got a decent amount of work done while I was on the road and it was great. That is about as spontaneous as I can get and using airline miles was a great idea. A free flight is a great thing but I'm not sure flying often enough to garner that many miles is a good thing. I guess if I have to fly I might as well get the miles for it for the occasional spur of the moment trip like this.

This weekend I went Mountain Biking. I learned 3 things: I'm terribly out of shape, I need to work on my shifting (my wrist hurts too), and lastly and perhaps most importantly - my ass hurts. Wow. I had a great time and I'm going to look into purchasing fun mountain biking stuff - like a bike rack - because the hills are a long ride away. All things considered it was a great time but it just means I need to get in shape. REI is going to get tons of my money in the future.

Today I went to a movie, Semi-Pro (save your money) and I rode the SLUT. SLUT actually is a misnomer but everybody in Seattle is starting to call it that. The South Lake Union Trolley is actually not the name of the mass transit device I was riding. I was actually riding the SLU Streetcar but who wants to call it that? SLUT rolls of the tongue much easier and is way more humorous. My office is going to relocate to the South Lake Union area in a few years so maybe I'll be able to ride the SLUT everyday.

This upcoming week I fly to Phoenix on Friday for the co-bachelor party for my friends David and Mike. I'm standing in both weddings which is kind of crazy but a great honor at the same time. On the way home from Phoenix I'm going to Las Vegas for work. That's right I'll be going from a bachelor party to Las Vegas on St. Patrick's day. That leads into the NCAA tourney weekend. I love March madness!

Note to Jay - the Baked Potato button on my microwave worked pretty well. I long bake in the oven would be preferable but the Microwave option worked pretty well. You have to have a microwave when you make a steak. I suppose a vegetable would be nice too but that would have been a lot of work. I'll eat a carrot....