Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh Man

In my mail tonight was an primary election flyer containing profiles for all the people running for office. Normally I skim through these and would never post about politics because I assume people couldn't give a crap about my political leanings of beliefs. In good faith I MUST pass along this nugget of joy.

I live in WA Congressional District 7, currently Jim McDermott is the man representing the district. Jim is a professional politician and chair several committees and sub committees. Jim = Boring. He has several challengers.

Steve Beren is a real challenger. Real Challenger = boring.
Donovan Rivers looks like a real challenger. = boring.
Al Schaefer looks to correct injustice. His is moderately funny but doesn't have a website for me to link to. = Funny
Mark A. Goldman Wants to "...defend the moon and stars, the air we breath, the oceans and the rivers, the plants, and all living things upon this our Mother Earth...". His website is here this guy deserves a wow. I would draw attention to this commentary - Sudoku as a Model for Finding Freedom, Peace and Happiness. Don't actually click but there are ton more out there than this. This is only the second coolest person running for Representative in my area...

The final guy is way out there in more ways that one - Goodspaceguy Nelson is running for Congress in my area. Mr. Goodspaceguy Nelson refers to himself in the 3rd person, his family is "The life of Spaceship Earth" - that's right he lives on Spaceship Earth. His significant career experience is ".... wants to advance rejuvenation and medical technology and wants tall buildings and more movies to be made in Washington State. This guy deserves a WOW!!!!

His websites are

Colonize Orbital Space and
Our Spaceship Earth in case the titles of his blogs didn't clue you in his major plank is colonizing orbital space.

I can only hope Mr. Goodspaceguy Nelson somehow makes it though the primary because it would be hilarious to get more campaign literature from him. I might be the only one who finds this funny but it was cracking me up.

Jay came through - Spook is actually Peter Skardoff. Scared - off = Spook, get it.

The only time Kathy Pryo made the POS voting list is when she used a digital phone to disrupt a party at 201. She could call us faster than we could hang up the phone it was insane (like Kathy) and I think we resolved it by unplugging the phone. It was the Halloween party as my POS notes indicate and if I remember she just got done stealing a chair from my roommate. She was a pyro, a thief, and relatively crazy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I got a request from a college buddy to post some random stuff from college. I started posting the POS voting results a while ago but never finished the entire chart, rather than restart the process I've decided to post the entire 7 weeks worth of voting in their entirety. These were the halcyon days of college before we had to start worrying about jobs and the future.

I don't exactly what a few of the people on here could possibly have done to make the list. The Chris Howser, Eamon Cunningham, Nikki Fields, Kathy Pyro, Jana Janakowski, and Spook (anybody know what his real name is anymore?) were particularly amusing to me. I know what a few of the people did but the back stories would be hilarious.

The name of Eamon gives rise to the memory of a great line - taken from somewhere else I'm sure - "there isn't going to be a fight - I'm just going to beat the hell out of him". Attributed to Adam, however nothing ever came of it except a great amount of laughter.

Pat M. has suggested that I have a series of "guest" bloggers who would their favorite story of 201. I'm intrigued by that idea but I would need final approval of those posts as some stuff might need to be edited or fact checked. Pat is an instigator so his work would need to be validated.

Pat is most notable for his role in the "egg fight", "the battle of Renee St", and others.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recap and photo's

It's been a long time since I've posted because it's been a busy few weeks. I think my parents and Aunt Cindy arrived a day or two after the last post and since then I've been on the move. I took a couple of days off and showed them around Seattle and the surrounding mountains. The 4th happened while they were here and I live really close to one of the big fireworks shows in Seattle. Having a rooftop deck came in handy when there were thousands of cars and people trying to move around. Location - location - location.

My parents left on a Tuesday and I left on a work trip to the East Coast. The work trip bookended a visit to my friend Kelly in Philadelphia. We worked together years ago at Beechwood Sales & Service, back when Anheuser Busch was an American Company, and we've stayed friends ever since. Now we live on opposite ends of the country and it was a great time.

I'm tired and there are lots of photo's today so it's a slideshow for me.

Here is the link to Pass the Pigs

Kelly also has parlayed working for a beer wholesaler in to working for a microbrewery by the name of Victory Brewing and they have a lot of good beers and I tried a lot of them. I would list all of the various different beers I enjoyed on my trip but my mother already thinks I'm an alcoholic... I'm not...

I got home last week and spent a few days getting back in the swing of things. In the last 6 weeks I've been away from my desk for over 3 of them. Some of those were work related absences but it's still time away from the desk. I'm actually excited to be at my desk for the next few weeks and get caught up and maybe even ahead but I won't hold my breath on getting ahead.

A few months ago I was in the wedding of my friends David and Emily. "Little E" was kind enough to send me a few photo's for posting here on the blog. After weeding my way through 900+ photo's I picked a few I liked out and put them on a slideshow. Trying to format a photo heavy blog is a huge pain and I just wasn't up the the challenge tonight.

Good times were had by all. David + Emily and Jay + Mary will be coming out here over Labor Day so I expect some shenanigans will ensue.

Saw The Dark Knight over the weekend and it is worth seeing on a big screen so I would recommend paying matinée prices to check it out if you like that kind of movie.

More entries to follow.