Friday, September 18, 2009


... smells like liver tastes like shit. Sorry mom.

Any bird that eats fish for a living is probably going to taste like crap and puffin was not all that good.

Whale on the other hand, I get why it's endangered. Mmmmmmmmm. Happy cows come from the ocean. Smiley face because I can't find the colon key on my Icelandic Keyboard. )

P.S. Owen, we're waiting!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm in Iceland and it's great but I'm going to complain about the wind. Screw you wind. Anyway, Dracula Candy is terrible, and Icelandic beer is tasty and I'm going to eat Puffin in a few and my girlfriend is going to eat some whale. Whale, the mammal that is sometimes protected by less seafairing people.

It is about 50 degrees here and the weather has cleared up dramatically and I know how the Reykjavik system of mass transit works.

Good times are had by us.

P.S. - Owen, 3 *good* sentences in the mail within 24 hours of reading this.