Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Debauchery and Shenanigans

Over Labor day a crew of MU alums and friends visited.

The cast of character is in no particular order... David (buddy from college) & Emily (friend from college and married to David), Jay (roommate from college) & Mary (friend from college and married to Jay), Jill (married to my roommate from college, John), and Brandon and Lisa (my friends in Seattle - Brandon went to college with Emily).

Emily and David used my camera on the trip and took tons of photos. I pulled a lot of photo's out for the blog but in case anybody is interested the slideshow has all the photo's in case anybody wants to see ALL the photos. (they are a little naughty in parts)

Jay also took a bunch of photo's and posted them on his blog. I'm too lazy to take photo's from his blog tonight so check his out as well. They're all different and equally funny, including some ones from Vancouver, B.C. CA. All of his photo's are available if you click this link you can see all of the photos Jay took but didn't use. (It's does require a Walgreens login)

I'm also too tired to properly format the photo blog so just bear with it. Sorry.

The first of many pictures taken with my camera. The Seattle Skyline from Gasworks park.

The girls from left to right: Emily, Jill, and Mary.

The guys from left to right: Jay, David, and me. First photo's on the blog with the new glasses I believe as well.

I don't know why I have two of the guys?

My driving the minivan. Everybody made fun of the van but it ended up being a pretty funny experience.

The troll under the bridge lives on Troll Ave. I was fascinated by the sign apparently.

Walking like an Egyptian to pacify the troll.

Scaling the troll is like climbing Everest - you do it because it's there.

On top of the troll.

The troll has a giant silver eye that is about the size of a hubcap... perhaps off the VW Bug.

On top of the Troll.

This picture was to give an idea of how big the troll really is. It's not small.

No boogers here. David on the other hand might have something going on.


The Ballard Locks.

The giant hydraulic gates that hold the water in the locks.

Jill and David pose on the locks.

"I love running water!"

"I love running water more!"

The salmon are running up the fish ladder to go spawn in their home river. These are damn big fish.

We're in the market. It's Iconic!

Here is the sign that everybody is familiar with.

David and Emily looking happy to be in Seattle.

I call this our "team photo".

Mother (#*^&$# NUTS!!!

Riding the Piggy Bank!

This Pig is slippery!

This is a keeper.

Views from the Ferry.

A cruise ship fronting the Space Needle.

The ladies on the ferry.

Looking at the needle... it's a a weird thing.

Riding the ferry is like being on a big comfy bus.

Emily found a Pug on Bainbridge Island.

I forgot his name.

Puppy love or something. Emily really REALLY wants to get a Pug.

Still more dog photos. He looks really excited for that treat Emily is holding.

It's really windy on the ferry.

It's less windy over here.

The return ride shows the clouds in the distance.

Smooching on the ferry. Awwwww.

The girls found a firehouse. It's a good thing they couldn't figure out how to turn it on.

David is feeding the seagulls. Jay has awesome photo's of this. David and Brandon.

It's OK to feed the gulls. They might have high cholesterol however.

Mary is Jack? Jack In The Box rules.

David is pondering the menu at JITB.

Laughing at David getting Jack. Let's just say returning the minivan was a trial... It was a general frustration at this point.

David settles on a Jack Taco.

Emily was NOT a fan of Jack tacos.

Safeco Field.

Qwest field. Qwest is so loud and game days they warn people their ears might start to bleed. It's deafening and David refuses to believe it.

Me moderately stuck in traffic on the way to Destination X.

The next photo's are from the top of Destination X = aka the Space Needle.

The monorail from the top of the Needle. The monorail is strictly a tourist destination, it is not a mass transit device.

This is a shot of my apartment from the top of the Needle. I really do live close.

We went wine tasting and things got a little crazy. Some are holding bottles of wine (Lisa in the back), Jay is thoughtful, Mary is modeling, I'm trying to smile, and David appears to be sticking out his tongue and Brandon is uncomfortably close to David.

From left to right: Lisa, Brandon, Emily, Me (in back), Mary, David (on Jays shoulder), Jay (loving life).

Brandon and Lisa

David found a big bottle.

We decided to "belly up to the bar"... not something you see at a winery everyday.

Mary really likes her wine.

We were in Woodinville WA. It's dangerously close to downtown Seattle.

Jay couldn't decide what to get so a sampler platter helped us out.

Mary.... being Mary.

The Lisa sandwich was fun at first.

Lisa's reaction says it all. (I wasn't expecting wet ears!)

I went to B&W to get all artistic or something.

Mary, David, and Lisa.

Mary is very confused.

B&W Smooching.

I blame Redhook for the following pictures.

Mary is trying to jump a handrail with Brandon's assistance or something. He's a doctor AND he stayed at a Holiday in Express.

Brandon is the Redhook guy?

No comment required.

David is rocking out!