Sunday, December 20, 2009

When did I start getting old?

I bought an album of Christmas Music today. I used to hate Christmas music and now I'm listening to albums that are 45 years old and debating whether I want to buy more. Answer: No, if I buy any additional albums it won't be until next winter at best.

The kickball team has a white elephant party and this was the second year I went and the first with Jessica. I ended up with a couple of airplane bottles and a book of cocktails for an occasion that requires a drink. I gave much more inappropriate gifts as was the theme for this party but it was fun and I got to laugh a lot.

I'm going to my second Hardwood Classic on Tuesday. The Hardwood Classic is the annual Washington State game they play in Seattle for local WSU grads / fans. My buddy Aaron is a huge fan and I go with him every year. They play LSU so it should be a fun enough game to watch but it won't be a substitute for Marquette games. They won this weekend at least. (Stupid Vikings!)

Dear Santa;

All I want for X-mas is a snow day.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holy Mid Week Post Batman!

That's right! I'm posting in the middle of a week bitches!

I just heard a headline that Detroit has nearly 50% of it's population unemployed. So if you're keeping score: the Auto Industry will probably never be able to pay back their bailout money, Michigan football finished tied for last in the Big 10(eleven), the Lions suck, the Tigers blew a huge lead and lost to the Twins in a 1 game playoff, the Pistons are down, and even the mighty Red Wings a middle of the pack right now.

Michigan: you're on the clock. That's right Michigan, you've become a drag on the states around you, they're picking up your misses right now and covering your ass. You either need to pick up the pace or risk being relegated English Soccer Style. If you don't step it up in the next 6 months you are running the risk of being returned to Territory Status. Puerto Rico has been stepping up very nicely lately and is a much more desirable tourism destination and would replace you quite nicely I think. Michigan you're on notice, and Ohio, don't think Guam isn't watching very closely.

I love Trader Joes. There I said it. It's a crazy company owned by some German lunatics. It's not quite as crazy as the whole Adidas - Puma thing but it's up there. They have the best sugar cookies, dried fruit, cheap wine, and don't even get me started on the potato chips. Best ever.

Mmmmm. Trader Joes.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have a tree

Yep, I actually put up a Christmas tree. It is a few years old, made of cheap plastic, and has the lights already attached. What can I say, I'm lazy.

I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox and it was excellent. It was stop motion animation and it was worth seeing at any price. I will be buying it when it comes out on film soon enough. George Clooney, who I normally dislike in films, did a very excellent job with the voice-over work and made me laugh several times.

The Vikings won again, over the Bengals, and have now cliched a spot in the playoffs which is outstanding but there is still work to be done. Get 'er done.

Jay was giving me crap the other day about the various things Beutler, so I looked my surname up and will provide a few links.

1. Beutler Corporation Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento CA. The best page is this one.

2. Beutler and Associates Real Estate in Idaho, oddly enough I'm pretty sure I'm related to them. I'll dig a little deeper since I do have relatives in Idaho.

3. Beutler Auto Serving Northern Utah since 1946.

4. MEAT! Serving Lafayette since 1953. Get your X-mas gifts here.

5. Prove your a Beutler with Beutler Genetics at the Scripps Research Center.

6. Need a bull? Go here if you read a little you will see "Beutlers will continue to be a part of rodeo's folklore."

7. Wikipedia Beutler and you get a few links. Most notably the current Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska.

I could keep going and listing individual Beutler's but I'm getting tired and I've certainly amused myself to this point.

It might snow in Seattle overnight and people are going to freak out over and inch or less of snow. Tomorrow could be fun.