Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something in the water.

I'm bored and surfing around various sites and blogs and for some reason, I went to my own blog.  So  I haven't posted since 2011, Jay stopped in 2011, Rachel stopped in 2011, Joe stopped in 2010, and Drew stopped in 2012. I know the reasons I stopped but wow, we stopped at about the same time for some reason.

So, hell if I care.  I'm still married, I moved back to Seattle, I still have Ruby the crazy Beagle, two cats.  There is also a mini me, a house and a new car.  Holy cow.

Simply put there has been so much stuff to happen it would take too long to recap.  The gist is this: I'm two years older, I'm back in Seattle, and maybe I'll start updating again.