Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feelin' Kinda Sunday

It's a happy go funday...

National Marquette Day was Saturday. There are tons more MU grads in Western Washington than I would have ever guessed. It was kind of fun watching a game with a lot of MU grads but I got the sense most of them don't watch all the much Basketball, which is fine, but that explains why I don't know most of them. Another game tomorrow against Notre Dame. ND is evil and must be destroyed.

Our team at work had our company Xmas party on Friday. Good appetizers and the opportunity to see people from work in a non work environment is a pretty solid way to spend the night. Nobody got silly and did anything regrettable however. It never seems to happen the way it does in the movies.

That was pretty much my weekend. I saw Gran Torino tonight and Dirty Harry is a grumpy old man when he retires. There is some funny dialog, a little inappropriate but you'll laugh if you see it in theaters. Clint Eastwood does a pretty good acting job but any time you hear moderately military sounding drums in the background you know something is about to go down.

Countdowns. Wednesday: falling on my butt/face otherwise known as snowboarding. Saturday: going to Vancouver for a Wild/Canuck game. Sunday: Superbowl, who really cares though? Next Monday: heading to PA for a weeklong work trip... nothing super exciting in there but I'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks.

I might post after snowboarding provided I haven't broken my wrist or something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clever Title

I couldn't think of a clever title so I decided this would be good enough. It's not supposed to be snarky or ironic or intended to be funny. I'm just lazy and not creative tonight. It's been two weeks and mostly it has to do with me being lazy - very similar to the title - sometimes I'm not in a hurry to post.

A few friends have been in town for either day trips (April), or passing through (Liz) so I've been spending a fair amount of time with Chicago natives lately. April was here for work and we had about enough time for a quick tour of town and dinner at a local watering hole. I went to Ireland with April, Pat, and Jen just prior to moving to Seattle so we go back a while. Liz was going to Whistler BC for some outdoor snow fun. We managed to have dinner last night before she flew back home (Liz has family here) and we enjoyed some Vietnamese food. Mmmm.

To partake fully in the West Coast experience you need to do snow sports. I decided on snowboarding since I know more people out here who board. In order to start I had to go shopping this weekend and buy the appropriate clothes and damn, they're expensive. Granted I spent more on my glasses so I can't really complain too much - it's all a matter of perspective (and I spent too much on the glasses as well). So I have pants, a jacket, gloves, and goggles now. You might have noticed I didn't mention what you would think was essential - the board. My plan is to rent a board and fall on my face a few times before I buy a board, hopefully at the end of season so it would be discounted. That's the plan anyway. A few broken limbs or falls could change my mind - maybe I'll be selling gear on here in a few weeks. I already took a day off next week to fall on my face on a less crowded slope.

Vegas! I'm going to Vegas for March Madness. Having a friend in Vegas really helps with the planning so thanks to Matt for living in Vegas and of course what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Work calls as well. Going to Scranton again in two weeks - I found that out about an hour ago. It should be a good trip because it's for practical reasons and should make my life easier down the road.

As a good side note my new boss is married into the Evel family. I have lots of questions but I'm pretty sure she's never jumped over any buildings, buses, or fountains but I'll find out soon. I just watched Hot Rod so I have lots to go on.

Also watched the Inauguration this morning. Nothing like having brunch and mimosa's on a Tuesday while watching a change in the leader of the free world. It was a pretty good speech. If nothing else Barack Obama is a tremendously shrewd politician.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year New Me

Not really but I thought that was a clever title. I went home for Christmas and it was cold in MN/ND. It served as a good reminder that the weather I was leaving in Seattle was certainly winter but the Midwest, where I'm from, gets a hell of a lot colder and a hell of a lot more snow. I'll take my 45 and cloudy and gladly complain about the inch of snow or temps approaching freezing. Such is my burden. I went up to Bellingham WA to spend New Years with my cousin and her finance at their new house. New house like they had only moved in 24-48 hours earlier and it was still be explored. Good times were had by all - happy 2009 to me. I think my goal is too buy snowboard equipment, take a few days off, and learn what the heck I'm doing.

In other news I'm a frequent flyer now on Northwest Airlines. I guess if you're going to fly on a crappy airline a lot you might as well do it with the occasional upgrade to first class or extra leg room. I got some free booze on my redeye home and enough space I didn't bump it to person next to me, which is nice.

I'm adding a new feature onto the blog as well called the reading to do list. Every so often I read fast enough and/or post infrequently enough that I'll read a book before I get to update the sidebar. I'm not sure how this is going to work because I'm kind of always changing the list around depending on my mood and because I usually have 10 books I'm waiting to read at any given time. I liked The Tipping Point and I'm Blink going to read next. The reason for the new addition is I read Apollo 13 in the space between posts. I don't know why I hadn't already read the Gladwell books since I loved Freakonomics so much.

That's enough about books. There probably should be lots more stuff to post about but my motivation seems to be waning, similar to the Minnesota Vikings. They are the ultimate tease - just good enough to get your hopes up but crappy enough to lose when it counts. I'm glad I had low expectations for them this season but it appears Brad Childress might keep his job. Blah.