Sunday, April 25, 2010

Iceland Photo's Part 2

So with all the news lately about Iceland's volcano that I'm not even going to attempt to spell I figured I would update on where Jessica and I were in Iceland in relation to the volcano and various other things.

This is a link to and some of the photo's of Iceland and the eruption. They are pretty fantastic but photo 8 should look pretty familiar to people - here is my version of photo 8 from September.

From Iceland

I would not compare my photo skills but the contrast in color is pretty amazing. Mine is the mostly green middle of fall variety and their photo should be white winter/spring but the dull gray and soot look is fairly overwhelming.

The volcano/glacier is called Eyjafjallajokull and the waterfall shown above actually comes from that glacier.

Here is the location of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier marked with the "A".

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If you look to the right you can see the finger like glacier coming down close to the road. That finger is glacier that Jessica and I were on in this picture.

From Iceland

Underneath that glacier is the "Katla" volcano that you might have heard mentioned as the volcano with the potential to be a massive eruption resulting in massive air traffic disruptions.

The photo's from are pretty crazy if you ask me.

Last night we to a Tacoma Rainiers game and watched the Marinier's AAA team take on the Salt Lake City Bee's. It was a little cool but it's fun to watch baseball on clear night with a sparse crowd. There were about 5 chances for a foul ball from out seats but a couple of bad bounces cost us. Maybe next time there will be additional chances. I did get a Red Rainier's hoodie that is pretty cool; classic logo's and lettering make me happy.

There were no major news flashes recently but I did have to buy some family and/or friends on the East Coast toilet paper for a work related project - so if you happen to get a free case of toilet paper from me - you're welcome. I'm expensing it so enjoy the free TP.

Since I blogged last, which is nearly a month ago, Jessica and I went to Vancouver BC with some friends over Easter to attend a Canucks vs. Wild hockey game. The Wild got lucky and managed to tie the game with almost no time remaining, sending the game into OT, where the Canucks quickly ended things. It was a fun trip but it was a little weird spending Easter in Canada. I think I ate a Japadog on Easter.

Here is a picture of me eating a Japadog from a previous trip.

From Blogger Pictures

Mmmm. Daikon radish.

The next big event is a weekend trip to Spokane WA. My cousin (2nd once removed) Melissa is graduating from Gonzaga Law School and it should be trip over the pass into desert country. They have good wineries over there as well. Mmmm.

The next little event is in a couple of weeks. I'm going to Vegas for a night with some Seattle buddies for a bachelor party. 12 hours on the ground in Vegas should be enough time to have fun but I'm sure I'll be ready to leave when it's over. Jason is getting married in July. Whoo - weddings.

The next big trip is in June, Jessica and I are heading to Tofino BC, halfway up the West coast of Vancouver Island.

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Without getting to deep into details we're taking a Seaplane from Seattle to Victoria BC, renting a car and driving the rest of the way. It promises to be full of wildlife and my attempts at picture taking. If I'm lucky I'll have 1/6th of my photo's turn out to be usable.

I've been to 2 Mariner games, a Seattle Sounder soccer game, a Vancouver Canucks game and a Tacoma Rainier game since I blogged last. I'm quite the sports guy in the last few weeks.

That's it for now.