Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lost Week

If you can't tell by my last post I went to Milwaukee a little over two weeks ago. At the front end was the wedding of my former roommate Mike O, a lot of driving in the middle visiting parents and friends, finishing with a surprise party. Lots of random stuff happened and there are some great pictures. I stole a lot of these pictures from Jay and a few I took on my own. To Rachel: the streak is still going and formatting a picture blog is a HUGE pain in the ASS.

Jay getting ready before the wedding. I think he was posing or something.

John, from Texas, was sleepy or something after a night of meeting up with friends at the bar. I think it's called hungover?

What getting ready looks like - notice the tie is over my collar.

I have no idea where this sign came from or what it means or how it ended up in my hands. At the very least it shouldn't be pointed towards me.

What guys do before the wedding. Read the paper and sit around. Tie is fixed now.

A formal picture prior to the wedding. We asked the priest who the first pope was. We were 99.98% sure it was Peter but Father was NOT amused.

I drank a beer after the wedding, it was a Spotted Cow.

We took some formal picture from the rooftop. This is K-Man by the way.

It's sort of a tradition so don't ask. Note the laughter on people's faces.

The Groom with a green tongue.

Mike and his wife Jen. Jen is awesome and she understands Mike's love of sticking his tongue out as noted above.

David, the guy in the middle, wears the same suit to every wedding - it's his blue "wedding suit". He did not wear it to his own wedding however. It was also his surprise party.

Former roommate Alex loves his Rum and Coke.

When I was at my parents I had this beer. Grainbelt... who knew it was still around?

In case nobody noticed, I sunburned the hell out of my head before the wedding. I bought a hat to combat my archrival, the sun. It's only recently that I started sunburning my head. It sucks.

I thought this was hilarious. When you break a shatter glass on the 6th floor apparently hanging out the window and beating on the glass with a 2x4 is the way to remove the window.

They at least closed the street as it rained glass for 6 stories and bounced all over the place. Doesn't seem like the most efficient process however.

This is the homemade wine from Thanksgiving. Emily thought it was just fine. For being made from grape juice it's pretty good.

As part of the surprise party we distracted David by getting some of the best Italian beef on earth.

The day after the surprise party I had this bloody. I wouldn't have had breakfast had I realized the amount of food that came with the bloody mary.

This is a hold over from the Big Brother/Big Sister thing. Apparently having a failing grade, at 62%, qualifies as successful for this elementary school. It was hard to watch believe me.

On the right hand side it shows that I've been reading The Age Of Turbulence for a while. That's not true but it's only because Kondrak the Dragon won't let me change it too the real book I've been reading for the last few weeks. Red scales don't scare me dragon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Live from Milwaukee

11:30 - two beers down and off to play golf. I miss this place sometimes.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back In The Day

Nothing major happening. I did get new shoes, or kicks, as Jay would call them. A guy at work left so it's been extra busy of late. I slept a lot this weekend but I did do some stuff... like...

I went to Chess club on Friday. My "little" from Big Brothers invited me to some small gathering and it could have been fun if it wasn't complete pandemonium. Kids shouldn't have any sugar. In response to Rachel, I don't have a problem with teachers or the education system but it scares me to see a bunch of lazy teachers going through the motions. People who care, or at least give the semblance of caring have no issues. If you go back to school and get a masters so you can teach, Rachel, Jay, you guys are money with me. Just wait until you see the lazy teachers.

I have nothing real exciting to blog about. I hate cleaning and laundry.

My beer at present is Rolling Rock a summer beer. Very tasty and light but not for everybody.