Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back from the Midwest

That's right. I went to the Midwest two weeks ago for what is turning into an annual pilgrimage to see a Marquette game and hang out with friends. Jessica came along with me as we celebrated a 201 and friends X-Mas. Good times were had by all and MU won a game against Providence easily. After Milwaukee we went down to Chicago and stayed with David and Emily and their wiener dog puppies, they're so cute. The rest of the trip was a leisurely drive through along I-80/90 to the Akron OH area, where I have an aunt and Jessica has family. It was a long but fun week.

To anybody I missed on my short trip through Milwaukee, I'll be back in March for the NCAA tourney so let me know and maybe we can meet up then.

I should probably post some of the pictures from the trip to the top of Rainier from a few weeks back plus any pictures I can steal from Jay of the 201 and friends X-Mas. I'll try to do that in the next day or three.

A little notebook is something that I have to look into purchasing because all these great ideas to blog about during the day escape me on my walk home. I do know that Broadstripe Cable sucks and if possible it should be avoided at all costs. The managed to miss an appointment TWICE, screw up and install, and only managed to correct said screw up after a few days and multiple phones calls to tech support by me. Awful.

The Vikings game this weekend took a few days off my life and left me feeling numb inside in a way that hasn't totally gone away yet. Brett Favre - I still haven't made up my mind how I feel but the lack of interceptions during the regular season was a red flag for me. Somehow, someway, he was going to throw a pick when it mattered and SOB, there it went.

Drew hates American Idol, and while I don't really like it, I do enjoy the early rounds when people are delusional and have no idea they're really, really, bad singers. Oblivious people make my laugh.

Blog written and I'm out.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Me

It's 2010. It tends to feel a lot like a few days ago but I'm pretty OK with it so far. 3648 days from now I probably will know quite a bit more about what this decade will be like but I'm unimpressed to this point.

I had a solid X-mas with presents and such, including a delivery by the Post Office at 2PM on Christmas Day. It makes me wonder what went wrong. New Years was very low key this year. Fireworks made sure I was awake for the New Year but it was significantly less insane that 1999 was. I was in college and there was lots of partying involved and this year I struggled to stay awake. As I asked in my last blog post: when did I get old?

One thing has already changed. Dubai can't pay their bills and got a loan from Abu Dabi but they did complete and will soon open the tallest building in the world. Forgive the weird angle, it is Google maps afterall.

View Larger Map

The Burj Dubai is taller than even the TV tower in North Dakota. They might not be able to pay for it, but darn it, you're going to enjoy seeing miles and miles of sand in the middle east. I'll give Dubai credit, they might not be able to pay bills right not but at least they spent their oil money building a bunch of crap rather than hoarding it and enriching a few people. It's just to the East of the World in this map.

Flight is booked to Milwaukee for a few days before heading off to Jessica's family in Ohio. I fully intend to drink beer and eat German food in Milwaukee while going to a Marquette game.

Homemade tacos might be the finest food ever. I don't care if they are "easy" because I love them and I could eat tons of them before I get full. Gorging myself on tacos was an outstanding way to spend New Years Day. Mmmmmmm, tacos.

Blogging for today complete.