Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year, New You, or something like that

So here is another update and it's only 8 days after the most recent update. It was a quiet week at work because the holiday stuff I would work on was pretty much over by the actual week of Christmas. There was still plenty of stuff going on but it wasn't urgent to the point of causing issues.

Anyway, Jessica and I went to Semiahmoo resort in Blaine WA. Semee Ah Moo is a way up by the Canadian border on this tiny little spit.

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It's pretty slick and it was very quiet and relaxing. We watched a few bad X-mas shows about the misers (both snow and heat) and a few about a BB gun. It was a little rainy but it was a perfect pre-holiday weekend to de-stress and not worry about things. Getting married to Jessica is the best present ever.

After Semiahmoo we went to my cousin Melissa's place to have X-mas day with my local family. It was also low-key and the present trading was funny and light. Anytime you can do Christmas shopping at Walgreens you know it's been a good year. I got Beers of the World and a few other nice things. Thank you Vicki, Daniel, Melissa, Jesse, and Eric.

Once we got home we watched 6 hours of stored up Zombie TV. The new show is called Walking Dead and is sort of similar to The Stand by Stephen King. Think post apocalyptic type stuff where limited survivors go around trying to survive evil, zombies, and good meaning people who don't get the new world order. Good show but needs work, it has a long way to go before I put it in the same category as Breaking Bad.

Working this week and having a low key weekend is the plan for now.

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